Heat Embossing…

Please find below a very easy simple Tutorial.

Heat Embossing

Instructions –
1. Place your card stock in a Powder Pal Tray or over a large piece of scrap paper
2. Rub the Embossing Buddy across the card that you are going to emboss – this keeps the powder from sticking anywhere but on the ink
3. Stamp the image with Craft, Versamark or Embossing Ink
4. Pour powder onto the inked image, ensuring the image is coated completely
5. Shake off or brush off excess powder into the tray & funnel excess back into the container
6. Heat the stamped image only, until such time as the powder changes to a shinny liquid and rises
7. Allow embossed image to cool

I will post a couple of photos tmw stepping you through it.  In the meantime if you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Give it a go!  You will be very happy with how easy it is & what the end result will look like.


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