Masking Tutorial…

I’ve finally managed to write the Tutorial for Masking.

  1. Stamp image onto card stock
  2. Stamp the same image onto a scrap piece of paper & cut out, careful to cut just inside the lines – this will be your mask
  3. Place the mask on top of your image on your card
  4. Stamp a different image over a portion of the mask – this creates layered images
  5. Remove mask
  6. Embellish card

Tip –

If you do not have a Post-It Note to stamp your image onto, use snail glue to create a temporary adhesive to the back of mask and then stick this to a towel once or twice.  It will remove the sticky adhesive, but at the same time, leave enough adheseive so that you are able to place your mask on your card.

I sometimes store this mask in with the stamp set so that it is ready to be used again


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or not sure of anything
Until next time, Enjoy! 


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