Surprise in the Mail Kit

I am passionate about crafting, especially Stampin’ Up! & I know a lot of you are too.  You want the kits, BUT you want to have fun with a little surprise each month!Join Now!

Well, along comes Surprise in the Mail Kit!

I am so excited to be offering this fun kit to Australian Residents ONLY.  I know many of you have asked if you could have just 1 kit per month, so here it is!

How it will work.

Each month would comprise of  –
1 – 5       Registration opens  –  $AUD7.00 includes postage
6 -10       Kits mailed out  –  Be sure to check your post
11 – 28   Create your kits  –  Check the rules BUT have your project emailed to me pm on the 25th
30           Winner announced!
The winner gets to choose the next month’s kit, eg colours, sketch, technique, etc
Following month’s kit is FREE!

Rules –

  • Everything in your kit MUST be included on the “Front” of your project
  • You may add additional items to your project BUT must be from current Annual Catalogue
  • Cards, Scrapbook Page, 3D item, etc may be created with your kit
  • Only ONE entry/picture of your project per month
  • Photo of your creation must be emailed to me by 25th of each month
  • All entries will be uploaded to a FB Group
  • Voting will be from 29 – 30th of each month BUT no voting for your own project
  • Winner selects the kit for the following month, eg sketch, colours, technique, fold, etc

If it is something you would be interested, please fill out the form by clicking on this link..

To subscribe to this fun surprise, hit the Subscribe button below.

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