Paper Creations Academy

Do you –

  • Struggle with ideas & inspiration for your card making?
  • Have trouble with measurements?
  • Have limited time to craft?
  • Have lots of stamping supplies that needs to be used & put to good use?
  • Have stamping supplies but not sure what to do with it & how to use it?
  • Need a little more confidence or creative ideas for your cardmaking?

If you have answered “YES” to any of the questions above, then we have the solution for YOU!

Welcome to the Paper Creations Academy!

Some of us have trouble with new creative ideas for our cardmaking & end up stuck for inspiration.  We are here to help you with that.  We provide ideas, inspiration, tips, etc for all your cardmaking techniques and a whole lot more.  Join us for this exclusive monthly subscription.  We have 3 Membership Levels for you to join.

Learning how to create cards is one of the best hobbies you can have.  Sending them to loved ones or giving them to random people helps brighten their day as well as shares the warm feeling you had in creating them.  From the very beginner to the advanced card maker, the Paper Creations Academy has you covered.  We have something for everyone.

When joining the Paper Creations Academy & depending on the Membership Level you chose, you will receive –

The Paper Creations Academy is here for you!

Inspiration, exclusive content just for you, fun, lots of fun.  We’re here to help you on your card making journey with support, encouragement along with the joy of card making.

The Paper Creations Academy is via Monthly Subscription.

What do I receive?

Each month new content is added to the Paper Creations Academy, exclusively for you!

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