New Punch Design….

With the release of the new Mini, comes the release of a new punch design…..

Features include –
  • Low-profile, rectangular punch body allowing for easier stacking and storing
  • Lock shut for easier storage
  • Dual labels on top AND end allows for easy identification and selection when stored
  • Available in 3 sizes – Small, Medium and Extra-Large
  • Allow for large punched images and more intricate designs while providing greater ease of use
  • Extra-large punched images allow for 2-step designs like the Extra-Large 2-Step Bird punch in the new mini
  • Corner punches allow you to punch a corner design along the inside pages of a page, NOT just corners
  • Larger, whole-hand handle design provides better leverage for easier use
  • Available in exclusive Stampin’ Up! colour

 Contact me to find out more about our new punch designs

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