An Award…

Wow!  I received an award this morning from a friend I have gotten to know via email & blogging.   Kris belongs to Stamping with Kris.  I only hope I can do it justice Kris!

Part of accepting this award is to –

Thank the person who gave you the award – Thanks Kris
Share 8 things about yourself
Pass this award onto 8 bloggers
Contact these bloggers & let them know about the award

Here comes the scary part, sharing 8 things about myself.  Here it comes –

I was born in a little country town out west of Queensland, Australia called “Winton” – home of Waltzing Matilda & Birthpace of QANTAS – yep our National Airline & what should be our National Anthem
I’ve served in the Defence Force – Royal Australian Navy & loved every minute of it
I love the beach & swimming
I’ve worked overseas, namely Honiara, Solomon Islands & Dili, East Timor.  Again loved it
I love adventure & tend to do things on the spur of the moment
I’ve lived all over Australia
I can read & send Morse Code
I have a brother who lives in NSW so that when State of Origin comes round, it tends to be a bit heated, as I follow NSW & he follows QLD.  I know, go figure!

Crikey, that was scary!

Now to pass the award onto the following blogs who inspire me –


Please visit & enjoy their blogs.  I sure do.  

Thanks again Kris

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